Tips for Installing Marble Flooring Tiles

Marble flooring tiles can be a very beautiful addition to any room. It has a unique grain to it that cannot be gotten from any other product. There are cheaper imitations to marble flooring tiles, but nothing can beat the real thing. Here are some of the things tips that will be helpful for you when installing marble flooring tiles.


  1. Preparing the subfloor

You need to make sure that you are dealing with a structurally sound subfloor when you plan on installing marble flooring tiles. However, if you have concrete subfloor, you can install marble flooring tiles directly to it because concrete is very strong and has the abilities to prevent the breaking of marble flooring tiles and support it well. If the concrete is not flat and level, a self-leveling compound will be needed to even it out. If the case isn’t too bad, you can simply use some thinset by applying it to the uneven areas when you are installing the marble flooring tile. If you are dealing with wood subfloor, you need to reinforce is with concrete board. A lot of people may take a dangerous shortcut by installing marble flooring tile directly on to the wood subfloor which can bring about many unwanted consequences. The marble flooring tile will break into pieces sooner or later. Wood subfloor does not have the ability to support marble flooring tile because it moves too much. With that being said, a concrete board has to be installed first. Before doing such, thinset needs to be applied between the concrete board and the wooden subfloor. Then you can screw the concrete board down the wood subfloor.


  1. Marble cutting

You will need to make some cuttings to finish your job of installing marble flooring tiles. Standard tile snappers are not good enough when working with marble. Tile snappers might be good for ceramic tiles but does not work well with marble. What you need when cutting a marble flooring tile is a wet saw. It has to have a diamond tipped blade to cut through marble. You need to be extra careful when cutting marble because it can break the grain which is inside the tile. Make sure you make a very clean, precise cut.


  1. Tile cleaning

One you got your marble flooring tile all good and installed, you have to thoroughly clean it. Any thinset or grout on top of the tile can dry and cause a major problem. Use a wet sponge to clean off the top of the tile. It will make the marble flooring tile look very clean, polished and more like a professional installation.

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